Biography of Dr. Daud S. Saba


Doctor Daud Saba son of Abdul Samad, was born on May 10, 1964 in Gozara District of Herat Province.

After primary studies in Herat, he continued his secondary studies at Ghazi and Nadirya high schools. He obtained a master degree in economical geology from Kabul Polytechnic University in 1986.  

In 2002, he completed his doctorate studies on geological block of Kabul, in Mumbai University. He also received a diploma in Gemology from the same university. Dr. Saba has worked in different governmental organizations, NGOs and private sectors during the last 24 years.

He served as a lecturer in Geology and Petrology at Kabul Polytechnic University between years 1976 – 1994; he also worked as a researcher and associated professor for the St. Xavier's College of Mumbai University during 1990 – 1995.







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