Biography of Ms. Nargis Nehan, Acting Minister of Mines and Petroleum

Nargis Nehan was born in Kabul – Afghanistan.

By establishment of the Policy Coordination Unit of the President, Ms. Nehan was appointed as Head of Policy Coordination Unit of the President by the President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan based on decree No. 955 dated 22/07/1394, who yet leads this office.

Also, Ms. Nehan has worked for the Afghan government in different senior-level positions since the establishment of the Interim Administration of Afghanistan. She worked as Director General of the Treasury Department at the Ministry of Finance, Vice Chancellor of Kabul University at the Administration and Finance Department, Senior Administration and Finance Advisor to the Minister of Education, and Senior Planning and Coordination Advisor to the Ministry of Higher Education.

In addition to that, Ms. Nehan has led successful reforms of the Treasury Department at the Ministry of Finance. These reforms included the centralization of collecting government revenues and expenditures of 34 provinces, the establishment of a Treasury Single Account, monthly meetings with the Central Bank, digitalization of the government financial management system, weekly revenue and expenditure reporting to the cabinet, and the establishment of Fiduciary Standards to monitor the reform of the Ministries’ financial performance. 



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  •  Graduate Management Training Program
    The program was held for 170 members of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum staff for six months in the area of management, proposal writing, communication, and reporting.
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