Mes Aynak Archaeological Conservation Work Encouraged to Continue

The Afghan Government has confirmed that the vitally important conservation work at the MesAynak archaeological site will continue alongside preparations for the Copper Mine in the vicinity. The Government wants to conserve the cultural site and the pieces of historical importance. 

Despite some media reports, there is no deadline of December 2012 for the completion of the conservation work. The Ministry of Mines encourages archaeologists to complete their significant excavation and preservation work on the major eight point of interest to the Ministry in due course.

The Minister of Mines, WahidullahShahrani has confirmed that no work will be carried out by the Copper Mining company “until we have prior approval and clearance from the Ministry of Information and Culture of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan with regards to archaeological sites of MesAynak, as per Afghan law.”

The Minister confirmed the Government’s commitment to only carry out mining around the archaeological site, once the site has been cleared of important historical objects.

The Ministry of Mines is following international “best practice” in terms of balancing the needs of local communities, cultural heritage and economic development for the future of the Afghan people.