State-of-the-art Geological Data Center opens at AGS

June 5, 2011

The Geological Data Center of Afghanistan, equipped by modern technology and with very high capacity for storage of data has been opened by H.E. Wahidullah Shahrani the Minister of Mines and Pawl Brinkley Deputy of Department of Defense of USA and head of TFBSO at the Afghanistan Geological Survey (AGS).

The Data Center has been designed by experts of the USGS and IBM for storing geological data of Afghanistan and will be used as a unique resource for geological data.

All geological data - including the topographic maps and images - collected by Russian, American, German, British and Afghan geologists over the last 50 years are being stored in this state-of-the-art Data Center.

The Data Center can run geological software such as ArcGIS, Geosoft and ENVI, and international investors can use it for research on probabilistic resources of minerals in Afghanistan.

On the basis of the security situation, volume of the resource, market value, and the requirement and existence of infrastructure, geologists of the AGS and USGS divided the tremendous natural resource of Afghanistan into 24 areas last year. These areas have potential for mining and can play a significant role in development of mining industries in Afghanistan.

Sampling and remote sensing have completed by the USGS and provide comprehensive geological information across Afghanistan, and due to the rising demand for minerals in the world, Afghanistan has good resources of minerals, gem metals and rare metals.

After training, Afghan geologists will gain full access to information in the Data Center, control work stations in the laboratory, conduct work in the Data Center and maintain it independently.
The Data Center is the output of cooperation between the USGS, IBM, Ministry of Mines of Afghanistan and TFBSO.