Minister of Mines Inaugurates Infrastructural at Aynak - Ministry of Mines and Petroleum

Minister of Mines Inaugurates Infrastructural at Aynak

His Excellency Minister of Mines, Mr. Wahidullah Shahrani on 9th February 2013 inaugurated a number of infrastructural facilities developed by the Government including a big Mosque with a capacity of 1800 people, schools, and bridges at Aynak resettlement site close to Ashab Baba in Logar province. Governor of Logar Province, Mr. Mohammad Iqbal Azizi and other relevant Provincial and District authorities and local villagers were also present. After the inauguration, District Governor in coordination with Ministry of Mines will start allocation of piece of land to families likely to be affected by mining at Aynak. 

Ministry of Mines, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is committed to develop the Aynak copper mines project in a most sustainable manner so that it provides maximum benefit and improve socio economic conditions of the people of the area in specific and citizens of Afghanistan in general. As part of various measures in this direction, a resettlement township has been developed by the Government to rehabilitate those families which are likely to be relocated due to mining operations in Aynak. This township has been developed very close to the main Kabul-Logar road, only a few kilometers away from Aynak to enable these villagers to get employment at Aynak once mining starts. 

In order to set an excellent example of Government’s commitment towards proper resettlement of the families affected by the mining projects, it has developed this resettlement site of 512 plots of land with modern infrastructural facilities. A resettlement site has been planned to enable these villagers to live together and maintain the same sense of community as before. A free of cost residential plot of land of the size 450 square meters will be allocated to each family being relocated from Aynak.  In addition, Government is providing huge infrastructure including Mosque, two schools for boys and girls, bridges, health center, drinking water, access road and a shopping area. In contrast, the communities at Aynak currently have no access to school, medical facilities, clean drinking water and sewage facilities.

Work related to construction of Mosque, schools, bridges, drinking water reservoir, and septic tank, access road, levelling of ground etc has been completed and rest is under way. This work is being monitored by the office of Governor Logar in coordination with the Ministry of Mines. The villagers have been regularly consulted during the process of development of these facilities. Over 3 million USD has already been spent by the Government in developing this infrastructure at resettlement site.

Further Ministry is closely working with the civil society organizations to provide training to the displaced families on better construction techniques, vocational skills, need for education and health and hygiene issues for effective rehabilitation of the project affected families.