Mazar-Sheberghan Pipeline Rehabilitation

The Ministry of Mines with the assistance of donor “Task Force for Business Stability & Operations (TFBSO)” is rehabilitating the existing Mazar-Sheberghan Pipeline. The pipeline is funded by TFBSO while the construction and implementation of the project is funded by the Ministry of Mines (Afghan Gas).

The first phase of the project is currently under progress and by the end of the Phase-1 of the project; the gas flow to Mazar will be doubled. In the first phase, a total of 14.5 km of the existing pipeline will be rehabilitated. The pipeline of 14.5 km has been successfully transported to Mazar and the rehabilitation of the existing pipeline is currently in progress.  The first phase which consists of the rehabilitation work will be completed by the end of the year 2013.

The pipe rehabilitation project will increase the flow of gas to Northern Fertilizer Power Plant (NFPP) in Mazar-e-Sharif, which will result in increase of fertilizer production and power generation. The NFPP is currently operating at 40% capacity due to the poor condition of the existing pipeline. With the rehabilitation of the gas pipeline, the increase in supply of the gas will result in increase in the NFPP capacity.