Coordination Meeting for Implementation of TAPI Project

Following the Front End Engineering and Design Survey of TAPI Project route Inauguration, from Toorghondai-Herat to Speenboldak-Kandahar. The  Ministry of Mines and Petroleum has organized a working group meeting on 12 April 2017, comprised of 17 Government organizations under the leadership of the respected Senior Advisors of the H.E President, Dr. Homayoun Qayoumi advisor for infrastructure and economic advisor Mr. Ajmal Ahmady in ARG, Presidential Palace to conduct the survey on time and efficiently.

At the beginning Advisor to the President for Infrastructure emphasized on the importance of TAPI project, and added that the route is assumed as an economic corridor and connecting bridge between Central and South Asia, and finally connecting Afghanistan with European market via land, and said that along TAPI route several other important projects such as transmission of the electricity lines, Optical Fiber, Railway and ring road of the country will be implemented.

The working group comprised of Security, Energy, Infrastructure and other relevant organizations discussed facilitation and selection of the route through western, southwestern and southern provinces of the country.

Moreover the participants of the meeting have also emphasized on identification of the security, managerial and social needs. Subsequently the relevant security organizations and TAPI Coordination Office have presented their assessments regarding the current status and needs. At the end the emphasis was made to organize such coordination meetings after each three months.