The Ministry of Mines and Petroleum install the tonnage scale in Maidan Wardak province

A long tonnage scale balance installed by MoMP in order to speed up the transport of minerals for prevention of  destroying the roads in the Seyah Gerd center district of Maidan Wardak.

At the same time two rooms built for ease work in every day and also the balance has ability to weigh 100 tons.

The project budget of 2814672 it has been funded by the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum.

At the same time with the installation of this scale its route was worth 480279 Afs from the budged of the ministry of mines and petroleum.

By  installation of this balance scale it had value of 480279 four hundred and eighty two hundred and seventy nine Afghans from the budget of the ministry of mines and petroleum 250m also flattened and 1777m.