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April 25, 2018

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan was recently accepted as the 65th member state of the Intergovernmental Forum for Mining, Minerals, Metals and Sustainable Development (IGF). This membership positions Afghanistan favourably with the international mining and investment community. It also endorses the Government of Afghanistan's commitment to open, accountable and capable governance.

The IGF is the only global policy forum for the mining/metals sector with the overarching objective to enhance capacity for the overall governance in the sector and to enhance the contribution of the mining sector to sustainable development. The forum conducts Annual and regional meetings with high-level representatives from governments, donor agencies, international organizations, civil society and the private sector, fostering coordinated action in strengthening good governance in the mineral sector.

The benefits of the membership

• Participation in the IGF Annual General Meeting held each year in Geneva, Switzerland.

• Access to technical training and capacity building programs tailored to each country’s unique requirements.

• Support through member country assessment and implementation of the IGF Mining Policy Framework.

• Participation at regional mining events and forums.

• Access to other member countries for peer-to-peer learning and information sharing.

H.E. Minister Nargis Nehan expressed her congratulations to the people of Afghanistan on this achievement and said, "The government is committed to an open & accountable extractives sector. This sector represents the largest opportunity to increase growth rates in the country. As a member state of the IGF, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan will have access to the unique support, global collaboration, and resources which the IGF makes available. We are thankful to your support and trust that this partnership will bear fruits for the benefit of the entire citizenry".

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Abdul Qadeer Mutfi

Spokesperson - Afghanistan Ministry of Mines and Petroleum

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