Date: 2018/5 /15
Press Release

The Ministry of Mines and Petroleum of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan would like to confirm that, contrary to the erroneous report published over the last few days by some of the Afghan media, the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India Gas Pipeline Project (the TAPI Project) is proceeding very well and is on schedule for first gas delivery in 2019.

The route of the pipeline was developed together with Asian Development Bank and agreed many months ago and the results of the necessary surveys relating to geotechnical, environmental and social impact, land acquisition and LIDAR were awaiting approval.

Construction of large oil and gas projects is usually done under an EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) process. Of the EPC, the TAPI project has completed the:

(a) the “E” portion through its completion of the FEED (Front End Design and Engineering) which was done by ILF Engineering of Germany;
(b) the “P” portion with line pipe and valves scheduled to be delivered to Afghanistan over the coming months by leading European suppliers; and
(c) the tendering process for the “C” portion for the appointment of the contractors to dig the trenches and install the pipe.

The survey, engineering, and procurement components are usually carried out in parallel and have been completed ahead of schedule.

Given that the land on which the pipeline will be located is owned by the Government of Afghanistan, acquisition of land is not an issue for the TAPI Project. In fact, the developer of the project the TAPI Pipeline Company Ltd, recently praised the government of Afghanistan for its untiring efforts in facilitating the speedy completion of construction.

The project is expected to cost a fraction of the USD 22.5 billion quoted by the press. The cost, based on the robust estimates is expected to be in the range of USD 7 billion.

With the project expected to be concluded in 2019, TAPI Project will be a key milestone in the country’s journey of development. The Ministry emphasizes that the TAPI Project is vitally important to national interest and that all government agencies should extend support required to ensure it’s success.

Abdul Qadeer Mutfi 
Ministry of Mines & Petroleum