New Information Management System for Ministry of Mines, Afghanistan

2011, Sep. 29

The first step of giving information and commentary on 24 areas of natural resources in Afghanistan – iron, gold, gemstones - and, rare elements- lithium, cobalt, niobium etc.-  was held by USGS .

The new information system will reduce the anxiety of investors, help the Afghan Government to gain major benefits in tendering processes, and increase the hope for economic growth and self sufficiency Afghans.  

In 1996 the Ministry of Mines signed a contract with USGS for an airborne geophysical survey of Afghanistan. MoM  announced the worth of underground resources of the county as US$ 3 trillion , which represented 30% of the county surveyed by USGS. The remainder of  70% is to be surveyed and its worth determined . 


USGS and AGS have completed  the estimation of the following resources:– gold and copper in Zarkasha of Ghazin, lithiums in Herat, Ghazni, Nimrose and Farah, niobium in Khanshin District of Helmand, copper and cobalt at north  or Aynak, Shaida of Herat, copper of Balkhab, gold of Badakhshan and Helmand-

The development of natural resources will be gradual and based on the rate and demands from the regional and international markets.