First CNG Complex Inaugurated in Shibirghan City

(12 May 2012)

His Excellency Ahmad Jawid Sadat, Deputy Minister of Mines for Policy and Programs, and His

D.M Ahamad Jawid Sadat and Jawzjan Governor M. Alam Saiee are inaugurating CNG complex.

Excellency Mohammad Anwar Akbar, Deputy Minister of Mines for Administration, joined Jawzjan Provincial Governor Mohammad Alam Saiee at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for Afghanistan’s first compressed natural gas (CNG) complex, in Sheberghan City, Jawzjan Province.  The CNG complex will provide domestically-produced transport fuel for vehicles that are converted at the complex to operate on CNG.

The Sheberghan complex is the first in what will develop into a regional CNG network. The industry launch and sector growth will be overseen by the newly-established CNG Office at the Ministry of Mines.

“Today is a very exciting step in the development of Afghanistan’s energy sector,” said Deputy Minister Sadat. “This CNG complex will provide a cleaner and cheaper alternative to imported petrol and diesel. This is one of the most important energy projects in all of Afghanistan.”

Vehicle owners will be able to purchase CNG at half the cost of petrol. The complex can also provide CNG for bi-fuel, CNG/diesel power generators by filling CNG transport trailers at a special filling post. Savings to drivers and power generator owners will be immediate.

“The launch of the Afghan CNG sector is a significant milestone in the development of a sustainable, domestic fuel economy,” said Kristopher Haag, Deputy Director of the US Defense Department’s Task Force for Business and Stability Operations (TFBSO). “But this station is only the beginning. Private investment in many more stations will establish Afghanistan as a significant player in the CNG industry throughout Central Asia.”

The natural gas supply for the complex comes from the Gerquduq and Shakarak fields. Northern Afghanistan has abundant natural gas resources, with reserves in excess of 2.5Tcf in the Sheberghan region. ­

For more information about CNG in Afghanistan, please contact the Ministry of Mines CNG Office at