Press Release - Afghanistan to announce Strategy for Extractives at PDAC 2018

Press Release

Afghanistan to announce Strategy for Extractives at PDAC 2018

Afghanistan’s Acting Minister of Mines and Petroleum, Ms. Nargis Nehan, will present Afghanistan’s Strategy for the Extractives Sector at PDAC 2018 and invites you to attend the presentation.


Date: Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Time: 11:30 to 13:30

Venue: Room 205B, Toronto - Canada


Afghanistan’s roadmap and strategy for the extractives sector details the comprehensive range of reforms to be undertaken by the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP) to modernise the Ministry and to ensure an open and accountable mining sector serving as an engine for economic growth and prosperity.  Plans include increasing transparency in the contracting process, prioritising activities to focus on mineral sub-sectors that can be developed despite Afghanistan’s current infrastructure constraints, improving the legal framework of the extractive sector and reconfiguring the MoMP to focus on its core functions.

Accompanying Minister Nehan to PDAC 2018 will be a senior-level Afghan delegation to discuss opportunities in Afghanistan’s extractives sector.  The delegation consists of senior government officials and representatives from the private sector.


Please visit Afghanistan’s booth at PDAC 2018 located at:

·         TS0843

·         South Building, Trade show area


Afghanistan is a resource rich country and has mineral reserves with an estimated value of US$ 1 trillion, which the Afghan Government intends to develop in the coming years.  Short-to-long term opportunities exist in precious and semi-precious stones, rare-earth minerals, copper, gold, iron, aluminum, chromite, sulfur, talc, granite, marble, limestone, oil and gas.


Quick facts:

·         Afghanistan is estimated to have 2.2 billion metric tons (MTs) of iron ore, 1.3 billion MTs of marble, almost 30 million MTs of copper, 1.4 million MTs of rare-earth minerals, and 2,700 kg of gold.

·         The Afghan Government’s first and second priority for the extractive sector is to develop subs-sectors related to construction materials and industrial metals, including talc, marble, gemstones, chromite, coal and cement.

·         Work on the regional railway network and energy trans-mega regional energy and gas pipelines are the other areas of priority.

For more information on the Afghan extractive sector, please visit the Afghan Ministry of Mines and Petroleum’s website: (


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