Knowledge Hub 2


February 10 2014


Guest Speaker: Dr. Michael Heydari, USAID MIDAS Chief of Party

Over 40 officials from the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum attended a two-day workshop on mineral economics and their significance to mining. Afghanistan has a wealth of natural resources but they are worth nothing if they cannot be extracted and brought to market. Deputy Minister Jamil Hares opened the

Delivered as part of the ministry’s Knowledge Hub, an initiative spearheaded by USAID MIDAS, participants discussed issues such as the resources and reserves, risk analysis, and finding an adequate balance between government revenues and providing enough incentives for investors to mine.

Staff from diverse ministry departments now understand how commodity prices are set in the global market and the capital costs associated with financing mining projects in Afghanistan.

One goal of the session was to dispel the notion that international mining companies would extract minerals at the expense of Afghanistan’s government. At least half of a mining company’s revenues would go to the government under the current system. The challenge is to convince international mining firms to invest in Afghanistan. 

Deputy Minister Jamil Hares opened the session to encourage MoMP departments and donors to step up as guest speakers in future seminars to continue knowledge sharing and communication. Among the audience were MoMP staff members from the legal department, human resources department, communications department, public relations department, mines inspection department, oil and gas development department, minerals sector department, cadastre department, and the policy department. Participants also came from the Aynak Authority project, ASI, and the Afghanistan Resource Corridor Project (ARCP). The ARCP project has stepped up to offer the next guest speaker in March to share programmatic findings from their recent activities.

The knowledge sharing will continue. New Knowledge Hub sessions are scheduled twice each month.



Deputy Minister A. Jamil Haris' Speech

Powerpoint Presentation on Mineral Economics by Dr. Heydari, MIDAS COP

Powerpoint Presentation Dari