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What is the Extractive Industry Knowledge Hub?

Afghanistan Ministry of Mines and Petroleum’s

Extractive Industry Knowledge Hub

Sharing Research, Learning, and Experiences in Afghanistan’s Extractives Sector


To sponsor learning and synergy amongst MoMP initiatives and donor funded projects at a collaborative educational forum at the MoMP and led by MoMP Policy and Programs Directorate officials.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome our MoMP Directors, their staff, and our donor counterparts to join in on the discussion around the table to work closely together on greater knowledge sharing. We invite each of you to take the opportunity as guest speakers in our seminar series to reveal and discuss findings from programmatic activities from Afghanistan’s extractive sector.

It is only through collaboration from each department and donor that we can advance the MoMP’s policies for a strong investor climate in the extractive industry, an extremely important sector for Afghanistan’s growing economy. Click here for more information


This seminar series will be held biweekly on Mondays at 9:30-11:30 am at the MoMP Conference Hall. General format is a 45 minute seminar from one of our guest speaker with 45 minutes of question and answer and further discussion.  Please book your spot by responding to: The USAID Mining Investment and Development for Afghan Sustainability (MIDAS) team will sponsor the event with light refreshments and operational equipment (screen, projector, computer, whiteboard, pens, etc).

Want to be a guest speaker? Please contact us at:


Session 1 (Click here for more)

Guest Speaker: Mr. Hashimi, MoMP Legal Director

January 26, 2014

Session 2 (Click here for more)

Guest Speaker: Dr. Heydari, MIDAS COP

February 10, 2014

Session 3 (Click here for more)

Guest Speaker: Mr. Mubeen Shahab, WB ARCP Director

March 17, 2014

Session 4 (Click here for more)

Guest Speaker: Mr. Wali Faizi, HR Director

March 24, 2014

Session 5 (click here for more)

Guest Speaker: Mr. Ajmal Ahmadzai and Mrs. Nasrin Wahdat, MIDAS Private Sector Development Team

March 31, 2014

Session 6 Click here for more

Guest Speaker: MR. Shukoor Popal, Policy Department

April 21, 2014

Session 7 Click here for more

Guest Speaker: Mr. Esmat Gulistani and Mr. Jim Springer, Marble Center of Excellence - Marmaristan

April 29, 2014

Session 8 Click here for more

Guest Speaker: Ms Khadija Kazimi and Ms Wazhma Ghani Baburi, MoMP Gender Unit

May 12, 2014

Session 9 Click here for more

Guest Speaker: Pamir Geotechnical Services company and Omran Geotechnical Company

May 26, 2014