Directorate of Artisanal and Small Scale Mining - DASSM

Objectives: The Directorate of (DASSM) cooperates with other departments of MoMP in providing quality technical advice to assist the operations and development of small scale mining, conducting seminars and training programs in the head office and provincial agencies, supervising mines and legalizing Artisanal and Small Scale mines  to benefit all of Aghan people..


An introduction to DASSM

Formerly known as the State Enterprise for exploitation within the  framework of the ministry, its legal personality changed in 2010 by the resolution of Council of the Ministers, and came out as the Directorate of Artisanal and Small Scale Mining in the structure of MoMP.

Capacity building, identifying the small and artisanal mines, legalization of mining, evaluation of technical documents, supervising and control of the development and implementing training programs for small mining, and supervision and study of artisanal mining and its legalization; are the main responsibilities of the Directorate.

This directorate has undertaken the following activities:

Capacity Building Programs:

Conducted 38 programs which covered 21 Provincial Departments of Mines together with associated training materials. 53 lecture notes also produced by using lecture notes of Polytechnic University, Golf Company, MIDAS Project and numerous websites.


Identifying Ilegal Minings:

305 mines of construction materials, 5 mines of marble, 2 coal mines and 80 mines of precious and semi-precious stones have identified.

Legalization section:

73  construction materials mines, 2 mines of coal, and 3 marble mines legalized, and 233 site visits conducted.