Gender Department

The gender department established in the framework of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum to implement the National Program for Women of Afghanistan (NPWA), with a main goal of supporting the women and social gender equality.

The social gender equality means that men and women benefit their rights and development, and never been prevented from the work which is needed for a good, satisfactory and proper life.  The support of women means that they should be able to take the control of their life and draw its path, develop their abilities, have clear decisions and have a positive effect on process, mechanisms and decisions that affect their reliefs and health.


Introduction to Gender Department

The gender department is responsible to cooperate in providing of technical facilities for MoMP in accordance with the national and international commitments, to supervise the gender related policies and methods, and to provide necessary advices to the Ministry.

Gender Department is a close cooperator to the Ministry in gender related capacity building, and cooperating with HR in government commitment regarding to the development of women.

Cooperation in registration of gender based information and census, and participation in the appointment committee in reforming process, are responsibilities of Gender Department. With understanding to other directorates of the Ministry, this department also tries to facilitate the capacity building of women, and appointing them for some key positions.

This section tries to benefit the women from scholarships, thus, they will be going on its higher education in foreign nations.

This department established in 2011 in the framework of the office of DM for Financial and Admin of MoMP by a suggestion from the Ministry of Women Affairs. This Department has the following sub directorates:

The head of department, Grade 3, Experts; grade 4 and a servant

The Gender Department began its work in 2013 by the ordinance of the leadership of MoMP and with an official letter from the Ministry of Women Affairs, when the women’s consul at AGS dismissed.