Directorate of Policy


1.      Objective

This directorate is formed to plan for development of policies for the mining sector, and to monitor the implementation of these policies in accordance with the Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS) and Constitution of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. This directorate also aims to use  consultation methods with stakeholders based on sustainable development for equal  economic and social growth.

Goals: development of policies in accordance with the ANDS, Business Plan of MoMP and Constitution of Afghanistan.


The Directorate of Policy was created in the framework of the office of Deputy Minister of Policy, in 2011.

The Directorate of Policy created in the structure of ministry in 2011, wasactivated by the approval of the office of the President. The recruitment of personnel was conducted through a transparent competition in 2012.

Following the filling of vacant positions and because  it was a newly created directorate, a series of trainings was conducted to its personnel regarding policy making for the mining sector.

The Directorate of Policy of MoMP in consultation meetings with relevant organizations made 16 policies for the mining sector, which were passed by the Council of Ministers. The policies are as following:

- National Mining Poilcy and its complementery polices: National Coal Policy, Metal Mining Policy, Rare Earth Element and Metal Policy, Radioactive Mining Policy, Industrial Minerals Policy, Artisanal and Small Scale Mining Policy, Construction Materials Policy, Dimension Stone Policy, Gemstone Policy, Construction Materials Policy, and CNG Policy.

- Supporting Policies for mining sector policy: Environmental Protection Policy, Social Policy for Mining Sector, Occupational Health and Safety Policy, Access to Geoscience Data and Information Policy, Explosive Materials Policy, draft for Oil and Gas Policy has made, consultative meetings were conduced with related parties, and delivered to the Office of the Minister for approval by cabinet. The preliminary implementation plan for Oil and Gas Policy has made and will be completed by the approval of Oil and Gas Policy by the Cabinatee of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

In addition to above mentioned activities, this directorate has taken steps toward the making of implementation plans for 16 policies for the mining sector,  pursuiing the implementation process  of mining polices and writing its annual reports, writing annual activities of the ministry and activities during past 12 years, participating in negotiation and strategic agreements between Afghansitan and other countries, overseeing and reporting the MoMP programs with their priorities, conducting workshops and seminars on MoMP plans and policies to central and porovicial directorates, private shareholders and Civil Society, it has active membership in AEITI and the MSG meeting with private shareholders and Civil Society; quarterly reports of mining sector to the central office of statistics, reporting to Ministry of Economy on ANDS, and reporting to the Ministry of Finance on development projects and donors.


Main Responsibilities:

1.      Making the Business Plan for Directorate of Mining Policy and its approval by the office of Ministry.

2.      Establishment of relations with departments of the ministry regarding all policy related issues of MoMP, and provide necessary advice for them.

3.      Development analysis, policies and programs of the sector, evaluation of its effects and offering stratigec polices and consultations.

4.      Development of economic growth, supervising the creation of relations with the key shareholders, overseeing and evaluation of effects of accepted polices.

5.      Guidance of personnel in accordance with the priorities, objectives and opinion of the ministry and state, including implementation of business plans, reporting and relation between policies.

6.      Creating relations with mining related authorities of interested countries and request for negotiation with them to facilitate mining between Afghanistan and other interested countries.

7.      Coordination with other departments of the ministry to study the policy of every section, and to evaluate the proposals of each sector of the MoMP.

8.      Making policies relating to the sectors of the ministry in accordance with ANDS and Constitution of Afghanistan for utilization of natural resources.

9.      Providing ideas and professional plans regarding to the policies of MoMP sectors to the ministry leadership and relevant administrations.

10.  Ensuring of policies regarding to MoMP sectors are current and up to date.  and being available to other offices of the ministry.

11.  Taking part in the planning process of the ministry, including the management of daily legal risks.

12.  Provide legal advice to the office of Minister, office of DM for Policy and General Director of Policy and Development; when it is needed.

13.  Ensuring that all actions of the Ministry are in conformity with the laws, including of proposals for policy making for MoMP Sectors.

14.  Management of staff, for ensuring their recuirement, growth and trainings.

15.  Identifying the values of the services done by the Directorate for implementation of the programs of the Ministry.

16.  Identifying and proposing budgetary requirements based on the business plan of the Directorate.