The Minerals Sector Development Directorate - Ministry of Mines and Petroleum

The Minerals Sector Development Directorate

The Minerals Sector Development Directorate (MSDD) is one of the key directorates of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum and works under the Deputy Minister for Policy and Programs. It has two main functions, the first responsibility is to prepare tender documents and undertake bidding process for all scale-mining projects at national and international levels in close coordination with Directorate of Cadaster. Its second main task is to promote private investment in Afghanistan’s minerals sector through holding national and international exhibitions; publishing brochures, booklets and guidelines; and assisting in the elimination of legal, policy-related, process-related barriers constraining investments intheminerals sector.

Brochures provided by MSDD:

10 Reasons to Invest in  Afghanistan’s  Mining Sector

Cement Quality Limestone at Aybak, Samangan Province

Zandajan Limestone in Herat Province

Chromite of Afghanistan

Copper of Afghanistan

Fluorspar of Afghanistan

Gemstones of Afghanistan

General Minerals

Gold of Afghanistan

Shirbatu Granite Dimension Stone, Bamyan Province

Iron Ore Deposits of Afghanistan

Syadara Iron Ore Deposit, West of Hajigak

Lead and Zinc of Afghanistan

Nalbandon Lead-Zinc, Ghor Province

Lithium in Afghanistan

Achin Magnesite Deposit, Nangarhar Province

Marbles of Afghanistan

Porphyry Copper-Molybdenum-Gold (Cu-Mo-Au) in Bamiyan Province

Phosphate of Afghanistan

Rare Earth Elements of Afghanistan