Biography of Dr. Daud S. Saba

Dr. Daud S. Saba was born in 1964 in Afghanistan’s Herat province.

After primary and secondary studies in Herat and Kabul, respectively, he obtained a masters degree in Economical Geology (Prospecting and Exploration of Minerals) from Kabul Polytechnic University in 1986.  

In 2002, he completed his doctorate studies on the “Petrology of Metabasites from Kabul Block, Afghanistan” at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai University, India, where he also received a diploma in Gemology.

Dr. Saba has nearly 30 years of experience, working at various government organizations, NGOs as well as the private sector.

He served as a lecturer in Geology and Petrology at Kabul Polytechnic University between years 1987–1992; he also worked as a researcher and instructor at the St. Xavier's College of Mumbai University during 1993–1995.

Dr. Saba worked as a freelance researcher for the Center on International Cooperation, New York University, working on the potential of geothermal resources in Afghanistan and published the first report on this subject in 2005.

In 2004 and then in 2007, he worked with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and co-authored two fact-based policy reports on Human Development in Afghanistan: the “Security with a Human Face” and “A Bridge between Modernity and Tradition,” respectively.

He has also worked as a consultant and contributing member of the research team for Chris Michel’s Institute of Norway in 2005, evaluating aid funding from European countries to Afghanistan. During this time, he also served as natural resources development advisor at IRD for USAID HRLS program, and later assumed the role of Deputy Country Director of the IRD in Kabul.

Dr. Saba also served as Senior Advisor to National Environmental Protection Agency of Afghanistan, an institution he helped form, as well as contributed to the Environmental Law of Afghanistan.

Between 2005 and 2006, he served as an advisor to ANDS in the capacity of President Advisor on human development. He later co-founded and served as the President and CEO of AG Consulting in Kabul.

In 2010, he left the private sector as he was appointed as the Governor of Herat Province. During three years of service, he promoted good governance in Herat through consultative programs, defined a15-20 years development agenda and goals in the framework of a Provincial Development Vision, “Herat Vision,” resulting in the implementation of more than 400 development projects in the province. During his term of service, the administration was recognized as a “model of good governance” by Afghanistan’s Government.

Dr. Saba views Afghanistan’s nature as the symbol of the beauty of and vast potential ahead for the country and its people. Sustainable development of mineral and petroleum resources and the building of robust extractive industries in Afghanistan to further the best interests of Afghanistan’s today and tomorrow’s generations are his prime objective and passion while serving as the country’s Minister of Mines and Petroleum.