Ministry of Mines and Petroleum

Since the establishment of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum it has got different names. When we look back at the history of MoMP it has been called by names such as the Mission of Mines, Mines Directorate, General Directorate of Mines starting activates under the Ministry of Economics and finally in 1937, during the chancellorship of Mohammad Hashem Khan it was upgraded to the Mines Independent Department.

Through the obtained experiences in the area of presidency and widening its activities in 1939, and according to the basic values of the mines in the growth and stability of the economy of the state chancellery of that time, it was decided to establish the Ministry of Mines that started to work as The Ministry under Rahimullah Khan after the approval of the State Chancellery in 1939.

After the Mines Department started to work as the Ministry in 1939, most of its activities were extraction and purchasing of Kalfkan salt mine and Kaji Khel coal mine in Ḡorband, which had good buying and purchasing deals.

Under the title of Ministry, The Ministry of Mines performed major tasks with limited number of specialists and engineers and limited economic and technical facilities, and with the assistance of foreign experts from the United States of America, England, Germany, France, Soviet Union and the former Czechoslovakia.

The detailed, basic and systematic geological studies of solid mines in Afghanistan reached to 27 groups in 199 by creating regional groups of geological survey in the frame of geological survey department.

Between the years of 1948 - 1951 Ghulam Mohammad Shirzad was assigned as the Minister of Mines and between the years of 1951- 1953 Muhammad Naeem Khan Zia'i was appointment as the Minister.

Dr. Mohammad Yousuf was the minister between the years of 1953 to 1963. It is worth mentioning that a part of the industry of former Ministry of National Economics was separated and incorporated to the Ministry of Mines during the ten-year work of Dr. Mohammad Yousuf in the chancellorship era of Mohammad Daoud Khan.

In the years 1963 - 1965 Dr Abdul Wahed Sarabi, who was the Minister for Planning at the same time, got the responsibility of ministry as acting minister of Mines for a short period.  In 1965, Eng. Abdul Samad Saleem and eng. Ghulam Dastgir were assigned as ministers of Mines.

Altogether by the end of the Taliban regime and the establishment of interim government the following people were in turn the ministers of Mines: Amanullah "Mansoor", Engineer Mohammad Hossein "Msa’", Engineer Mohammad Yaqub "Lahli" Amanullah "Mansoori" Abdul Qayom "Wardak", Abdul Tawab "Asefi ", Dr. Najibullah" Maseer ", Engineer Mohammad Ismail “ Danish”, Mohammad Ishaq "Kawa", Engineer Abdul Samad "Sallah", Maulavi Ahmad Jan and Mullah Muhammad Isa.

After the establishment of interim government and destruction of Taliban regime the following people have been appointed as the minister of Mines: Engineer Mohammad Alim "Razm", Engineer Jumah Muhammad "Muhammadi", Dr. Mir Muhammad "Mahfoz", Professor Hakem "Tnival", EngineerMir Mohammad Sediq "Eshan", Engineer Mohammad Ibrahim 'Adil , Hon. Waheedullah Shahrani, Mohammad Akbar Barekzai,Dr. Daud Shah Saba and currently Narges Nehan Working as Acting  Minister of Mines and Petroleum.