North Coal Enterprise:

After the Karkar and Dodkash Coal mines were discovered in Baghlan province, to extract and develop coal mining resources, the coal mining department of Ministry of Mines was established in that area. The coal mining department had 30 labors, 111 employees, 1667 contract based workers and 5 experts from Cyzchsalwakia.

This department became a public enterprise 39 years ago. Following the National Development Policy and Strategy and to encourage investment under private sector, Karkar and Dodkash Coal mines were privatized in 2006 and opened a new chapter with 309 staff. In 2007 as a commercial enterprise , it increased its employees.

Fertilizer and Power Factory:

It is one of the producers of Y fertilizer and thermal power.  Youria Chemical fertilizer and Kood-e-Barqq were established in 1966 and 1967 respectively with 48MW power.  The production of power energy started at the beginning of 1971 and Youria Chemical fertilizing production was started in 1974 with capacity of 105,000 tons per year. The activities were carried out by 2900 employees and 450 foreign experts. 

In 1977 this complex was rehabilitated as a public enterprise with a capital of 217 million AFN. Currently this enterprise is consisting of 939 labor and 1512 employees that produce Youria chemical fertilizer and generate electricity.

Afghan Gas Enterprise:

This enterprise carries out activities such as exploitation, development, production and processing and provides natural gas to its clients. Since the establishment in 1967, this enterprise carries out, discovery and extraction works of natural gas.  The enterprise with 72 employees, 421 contract based workers and 119 foreign experts was considered as secondary division of ministry of mines.  Khwaja Gorgak facilities have two sections, one of which contains 39 wells and the other contains 22 gas production wells. Gas production began in 1967 with activation of 17th well which was connected with gas network and portion of which is exported to Russia. 

Main Facilities:

When Afghanistan Gas enterprise legally became a public enterprise in 1983, this enterprise had 14,37 billion AFN revenue and had 1291 employees including office workers, contract based workers and foreign experts. Currently, this enterprise is considered as a production entity with 1088 employees.