The long-term goals of the Ministry are establishing an effective governance of natural resources, providing jobs, growing the economy, as well as encouragement of private investments in minerals and hydrocarbon sectors, and raising the level of revenue and improving the capacity of the Government.

The Ministry of Mines and Petroleum has taken a series of actions to ensure Afghanistan’s financial independence. The development of Mineral resources and infrastructure corridors require the extraction of mineral deposits. The interest will be increased for exploration, exploitation and development of mineral and hydrocarbon deposits by identifying these resources. Such development will play an important role in long-term economic and social stability. The Afghan Ministry of Mines and petroleum took some unique steps for development of these resources and has planned a series of development programs.

The Ministry of Mines and Petroleum is using the world best policies, regulations and procedures to play an encouraging and leading role to attract private investment in the development of mineral and hydrocarbon resources, in which all the social and environmental values will be considered. Principles and policies of the MoMP for development of mineral and hydrocarbons based on the market economy, and legal merit. The policy of the Ministry is also based on higher administrative competence, development of transparent investments by implementation of modern laws, policies and regulations, and establishment of a progressive financial system.

Afghanistan is a candidate country for the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) - the international standard for growth of transparency in  oil, gas and mining. Afghanistan voluntarily has set up the EITI principles to increase the transparency in transferring the revenue from extractive companies of oil, gas and other minerals to the government. The government will announce the earned income, so that the Afghans will be able to claim the information about these accounts from the government.