Hajigak Iron Deposit

The Hajigak iron ore deposit is situated in the mountainous Bamyan province, 130 km west of the capital, Kabul.

It is one of several iron deposits within this area however; it is the largest located to date. The ore occurs within the Herat fault-zone as sub-concordant sheets and lenses within Proterozoic Meta-sedimentary and Meta-volcanic rocks.

A study in the 1960’s demonstrated the mineral potential of the region, and estimated, at that time, the Hajigak resource as having some 1.8 billion tons of iron ore, with a concentration of approximately 62% Fe.

This assessment enables the Hajigak deposit to be classified as truly significant on a global scale.

Additionally, the presence of coking coal in nearby Shabashak, combined with this world-class ranking of Hajigak iron ore, allows for this resource to be considered an exceptionally favorable target for both economic development and exploitation.