Laws and Regulations

Minerals and Hydrocarbon Law:

Ministry of Mines of Afghanistan complies with the Minerals law and hydrocarbon law that determine the ownership and control of the State over minerals and hydrocarbons, preservations, utilization, granting concessional rights, execution of contracts, exploration activities and developments and production of the oil and gas. Ministry of Mine is in the process of amending the Minerals law to make it more investor friendly and comprehensive.


Minerals Law, 2014

Hydrocarbon Law

Mining Regulations

Hydrocarbons Regulations

Consultation with Private Sector on Improved Minerals Legislation

Minister of Mines Meets with Afghanistan Civil Society Representatives

Ministry of Mines Begins Consultative Process in Support of Improved Minerals Law


Mining Procedures:

Ministry of Mines is in the process of preparing the relevant mining procedures and is anticipated to completed and approved by end the 2011.

1. Health & Safety in Mining Operations
2. Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
3. Coal and Fiery Mines
4. Storage and Use of Explosives
5. Environmental Impacts of Mining
6. Inter-ministerial Commission (IMC)
7. Artisanal Mining Operations
8. Royalties
9. Fees/ Penalties
10. Operation of Provincial Offices
11. Cadastral Procedures
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