Contract Awarded by QBS

Project ID:   P0 98118 OR

Project name: Sustainable Development of Natural Resources Project (SDNRP), Afghanistan

 Consultant Name & Address*: GAF AG, Arnulfstrasse 197, D-80634 Munchen, Germany.
Contract date:  10th September 2011

Procurement Method: QBS

Price: Euro 2,641,289.2 

Duration: 24 months after its commencement 

Summary scope of contract:

To monitor compliance with contractual provision (oversight) for the Aynak mining contract and capacity building for mining, environmental and social inspection activities for mining contracts in Ministry of Mines.

The assignment is in to undertaken in two main phases,
Phase 1: Regulatory Compliance leading to the Issuance of Regulatory Permits
In this phase will assist the Ministry of Mines and NEPA in

  • To establish a contract monitoring system and procedure
  • The scoping of the various environmental, social and mining studies.
  • To advise the ministry on the standards and merits of the studies and management plans undertaken.

Phase 2: Ongoing Oversight/Monitoring of Exploration and Mining Operations for Aynak

Following regulatory Compliance leading to the Issuance of Regulatory Permits, the Consultant shall advise and assist MOM/NEPA as required during the ongoing operations of Aynak. This shall include

  • Monitoring and inspection of the license holder’s compliance with the AMC and applicable statues.
  • Reporting and record keeping and
  • Ongoing capacity building and training.