Statement from

H.E. Wahidullah Shahrani


Ministry of Mines

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

at the bid opening session for

The Afghan-Tajik Basin Tender

November 12, 2012


Kabul, Afghanistan


Today is an important day for the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan—its people, its government, its economy, and its future.  As we accept competitive bids for the Afghan-Tajik Basin’s oil and gas exploration tender, we congratulate the participating private sector companies and welcome their interest in the potential of our nation.

The companies who have filed today  -- and those firms which participated in the bidding preparation and information process earlier this year -- have made a commitment to the future of this country and to our future generations of students, workers, and researchers who will work, build, and reap the benefits of Afghanistan’s vast natural resources. The government shares this commitment and is dedicated to fostering an environment that protects private capital investment and continues to establish Afghanistan as an attractive destination for the private sector.

Today, we will begin the comprehensive review of the submissions and will maintain a thorough, transparent, and fair bidding process until the announcement of the results of the evaluation process and through contract signing.  The Ministry of Mines is committed to a transparent process.  And transparency extends beyond contracting and the bidding process to management of projects, accountability of contracting parties, and revenue allocation to the government.  Transparency is the core pillar of how we operate. The people of Afghanistan call for this commitment and dedication from their government in all management and operations.

The Ministry of Mines looks forward to reviewing the bids we have received today and we are committed to completing an expeditious, comprehensive, and open review of these historic submissions.  Thank you.