Contract Award to Mr. Peter

Contract Awarded by IC


Project ID:   P118925

Project name: Sustainable Development of Natural Resources Project (SDNRP-II), Afghanistan

Consultant Name & Address*: Mr. Peter Stuart-Thompson, Postnet Suite 76, Private Bag X7, Parkview, Johannesburg, , 2122, South Africa

Contract date:   Jan 2013

Procurement Method: Selection of Individual Consultants

Price: USD 257,976.00

Duration: 12 months after its commencement  


Summary scope of contract:

  1. Enforces, supervises, and monitors the technical, health, safety and environmental aspects of EPSC in accordance with Afghanistan’s Hydrocarbon Laws and Regulations.  Specifically, the post holder:
    1. Reviews and recommends for approval licensee’s (contractor) emergency and safety plans.  This will include operations in the exploration, development, and field abandonment phases of the project.
    2. Reviews, analyzes, and approves licensee’s Work Programme, Development Programme, and Budget, which outline contractor’s technical and financial plan for exploration, development, and production of oil and gas in the contract area.
    3. Ensures licensee publishes or makes available technical data to The Amu Darya Petroleum Authority (ADPA) in accordance with EPSC.
    4. Alerts ADPA Director when contractor fails to comply with the technical requirement of EPSC and consults on corrective measures. 
    5. Recommends to ADPA Director Suspension or termination of licensee operation in case of serious sustained infractions. 
  2. Prepares technical reports for ADPA Director on technical developments and improvements required by the contractor in the contract area.
  3. Maintains detail records concerning public consultations, license awards, compliance monitoring, decisions of ADPA on Work Program and Development Program, meeting notes, contractor complaints and their resolution concerning technical matters.
  4. Provides regular (monthly) reports to ADPA Director on progress of achieving the annual technical work plans.
  5. Provides contractor access to necessary MoM technical data and documents.
  6. Liaises with Government and recognized industry organizations to establish the technical standards as norms for the petroleum sector in Afghanistan.