KnowledgeHub 3

March 17 2014


Knowledge Hub Continues: Session 3

Guest Speaker: Mr. Abdul MubeenShahab, Director of World Bank Funded ARCP


The third installment of the Extractive Industry Knowledge Hub was opened by Deputy Minister for Policy, Administration and Finance. Deputy Minister Hares announced, “Too many directors state that they do not know how donors are using their funds to help the ministry. This event is made to share just that and get your feedback. As a result, I request all MOMP directors to attend allupcoming sessions of the knowledge hub. I also request that each one of you request a knowledge hub date to share knowledge with the ministry from your departments at future sessions.”

Over thirty participants arrived to hear the guest speaker of this week’s knowledge hub, Mr. Abdul MubeenShahab, who presented on an introduction of his project, accomplishments and activities so far, and planned activities of the fairly new (branched out from the WB SDNRP program) World Bank funded Afghanistan Resource Corridors Project (ARCP).

Participants were invited from all relevant MoMP departments working with ARCP and interested in learning more on the program’s future plans and training opportunities. Those departments working with the ARCP include: Amu Darya Contract Authority, Aynak Mining Authority, Provincial Coordination Office, Policy Department, Communications Department, Cadastre Department, and the AGS Survey Department. Donor programs working with the MoMP were also invited to learn more on the WB activities’ overlap, synergies, and gaps with their own programs. Donor representatives that were in attendance included USAID funded Sheberghan Gas project, DFID funded Adam Smith International MoMP technical assistance project, US Department of Commerce funded Marble Industry Center of Excellence (COE) project, World Bank representatives, and USAID funded MIDAS participants.

The ensuing discussion was led primarily by Deputy Minister Hares, Director of Policy GhazaalHabibyar, and Mr. MubeenShahab, who realized during the presentation that great overlap exists between MIDAS Component III and ARCP. TheDeputy Ministerrequested ARCP and MIDAS to schedule follow-up appointments to discussoverlaps, particularly on community mobilization and SME activity. Discussions led to the Deputy Minister's recommendation that the Policy office should seriously consider a new M&E unit to evaluate incoming donor reports for prompt analysis, feedback and direction. He also stressed the need for a resource center to collect donor reports for all to read and to avoid future duplication. Lastly, the Deputy Minister asked donors to focus in the future more on results for feedback from fellow MoMP colleagues and less on informative, stating “This is the only place where we share knowledge and not only information with each other, that’s why we call it the knowledge hub and not the information hub.”

Mr. Mubeen fielded questions from other participants on enterprise training for contracts, when corruption remains such a large concern, and on sharing the ARCP’s past studies and results reports with the greater MoMP community. Mr. Mubeenkindly offered to provide many more sessions in the future to share the results of all the work that his program and the past WB programs has collected. He also reminded the ministry that ARCP can provide the data necessary and hand it over to the MOMP, but it is only data and it is the responsibility of all at the MoMP and not donors to use the data for changes and impacts that strengthen the ministry. As a result, future knowledge hub sessions will be scheduled to share WB results and recommendations with the MoMP.

The knowledge sharing will go on. New knowledge hub sessions with guest speakers form the MoMP departments and donor programs are scheduled for every Monday morning over the next two months. Upcoming Guest speakers include the Policy Director, Human Resources Director, US Department of Commerce funded Marble Center representatives, GAF representatives, and MIDAS representatives.


Powerpiont Presentation English- Session 3 - ARCP Mr. Mubeen Shahab - World Bank

Powerpiont Presentation Dari- Session 3 - ARCP Mr. Mubeen Shahab - World Bank