Knowledge Hub 4

March 24 2014


Extractive Industry Knowledge Hub at the MoMP Continues: Session 4


Guest Speaker: Mr. Wali Faizi, Human Resource Director-MoMP


Mr. Wali Faizi, Director of the Human Resources Department of the MoMP and AGS, presented as the honorable guest speaker for the fourth installment of the Extractive Industry Knowledge Hub on Monday March 24, 2014. Forty-two participants were in attendance for his introduction on the HR department and their programmatic activities. Participants came from the Policy Department, HR department, Finance Department, Oil and Gas Department, AGS, Aynak Copper Authority, Amu Darya Authority, IT Department, Public Affairs Department, CBAGS, ASI, ARCP, the Marble COE, and MIDAS.

Mr. Wali’s presentation titled “New Year - New Protocols”, in recognition of the Afghan New Year ‘Nowrus’ on March 21 according to the Solar Hijri Calendar, used the Knowledge Hub to share with the MoMP and donor community for the first time the introduction of 15 new procedures and protocols at the Ministry and AGS. This announcement comes as a result of a recent training needs assessment conducted at the MoMP and a new HR Director’s vision for improved structure and organization.

The HR Director emphasized that all donor related trainings should be coordinated with the MoMP HR through the new protocols and procedures in order to ensure that the trainings are aligned with the Training Needs Assessment (TNA), and proper documentation for such trainings should be in place. The new protocols were introduced alongside a MoMP Stakeholder Engagement Guide (SEG) and a mining glossary tool for the MoMP. Please see attachments below. Mr. Wali asked for feedback and recommendations from the departments in attendance over the next couple weeks on the SEG and protocols before the system is in place. Please provide your feedback to: 

Other topics that Mr. Wali shared with the crowd included a background on the HR department’s achievements over the past year, the results from their recently completed HR assessment on training needs of the entire MoMP staff, and their present status in the Capacity Building for Results (CBR) proposal for equal wages. The presentation was followed by a very interesting forty-five minute question and answer session between the guest speaker and the audience. Deputy Minister Hares opened the session by mourning those lives lost at the recent Serena attack in the first week of the new year. The Deputy Minister then encouraged departments to adhere to Mr. Wali’s announcements for the future improvement of the MoMP organizational set-up.  He went on to state: “Your comments and input for him are very worthy and important to change the framework of the HR department and to fix overlap in donor programs.

Questions from the audience included how to promote better gender equity at the ministry. The HR director admitted that it is hard because the ministry is a technical sector, but not impossible. More attention should be focused on giving women scholarships and training so that they have the proper qualifications to rise up in ranks to better positions within the MoMP. Other questions concerned the CBA proposal and record keeping of donor employees. The HR director explained that cooperation in record keeping with the HR department on donor employees embedded in the ministry will benefit their employees later on when they want to verify for a future employee that they did in fact work at the MoMP. For an overview on other issues discussed, please see the below attached PowerPoints.

The knowledge sharing will continue. New Knowledge Hub sessions are scheduled for every Monday at the MoMP Conference Hall from 9:30-11:30.



Power Point Presentation English - Session 4 - Mr. Wali Faizi HR Department

Power Point Presentation Dari - Session 4 - Mr. Wali Faizi HR Department

MoMP Glossary/Dictionary

MoMP Training Needs Assesments Results Summary