Knowledge Hub 5

March 31 2014


Extractive Industry Knowledge Hub at the MoMP Continues: Session 5


Guest Speaker: Mr. Ajmal Ahmadzai and Mrs. Nasrin Wahdat


The fifth session had opening remarks from Dr. Frank W Ehling (Team Leader for MIDAS Component III) and Assad Zamir (MIDAS DCOP) who welcomed the participants, provided brief summary information on the MIDAS SMEs Assessments carried out, and gave appreciation for the continued active participation of MoMP officials in the Knowledge Hub series sessions held so far.

Subsequently, Mrs. Nasrin Wahdat and Mr. Mohammad Ajmal Ahmadzai provided a presentation designed to share the identified problems, opportunities and recommendations from the MIDAS “Baseline Assessment of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Gender in the Mining Sector” with different directorates at the ministry, as well as with donor projects supporting the MoMP. The assessment was carried out across ten provinces, interviewing 270 SMEs located near potential large-scale mining sites. SMEs working in transportation, construction, geosciences, business consulting and operational services were targeted. The aim of the seminar was to open discussion about creating opportunities for more Afghans to obtain jobs and business in mine developments.

During the presentation, details of the SMEs assessment methodology were discussed such as types of SMEs interviewed, number of respondents interviewed, geographical scope, target groups and focus areas of the assessment. Half of the presentation was dedicated towards assessments results that analyzed the constraints and opportunities for generating the full participation of women in the future mining sector activities, and gender differences in access to training, finance, safety and education.

Despite security concerns during this week prior to the election, fifteen participants were in attendance from the gender unit, oil and gas directorate, Aynak copper project, mineral sector development department, human resources department, public affairs and communications department, the DFID funded ASI team, and the WB funded ARCP team. Further participants were also in attendance from different components of the MIDAS project.

The session had the largest number of questions to date from a knowledge hub presentation, primarily directed at the gender assessment results and recommendations. Questions topics included if the assessment was shared with the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, if there will be gender specific training, and discussion on women in the workplace in the mining sector. Other questions included if there will be follow up activities to fulfill weaknesses found in the report and address recommendations, or if the report mentions anything about the problems for businesses caused by insecurity, among other questions. These questions were answered by providing a bound copy of the results report to all participants which is more comprehensive then the presentation, and by announcing that follow-up activity has been started based on the assessment, such as MIDAS’s mining awareness campaign in Kabul, Badakshan and Bamiyan to address an observed lack of understanding on what large scale mining is in these regions near where mine operations may take place in the future.

Follow-up appointments were made as a result of the Knowledge Hub such as coordination with the gender unit, meetings with the WB funded ARCP program to discuss overlaps and synergies, and appointments with the HR department to address handing over the results for institutional memory.

The Knowledge Hub is a bi-weekly seminar series to reveal and discuss active programmatic activities in Afghanistan’s extractive industry. The goal is to promote direct communication between high-level MoMP Directors and donors, and to institutionalize donor knowledge inflow. The knowledge sharing will continue. New Knowledge Hub sessions are scheduled for every Monday at the MoMP Conference Hall from 9:30-11:30.


Dari PowerPoint Presentation MIDAS SME Assessment results

English PowerPoint Presentation MIDAS SME Assessment results

Dari PowerPoint Presentation MIDAS SME Gender Assessment Results

English PowerPoint Presentation MIDAS SME Gender Assessment Results

English Final Results Report MIDAS SME Assessment