Mes Aynak Archeology

The SDNRP II project is a US$52 million World Bank funded project. Became effective on May 6, 2011 by the board of directors of the International Development Association, after compilation of the first face of the project with the amount of US$ 30.0 million which was started at July 2006.

The project continues the technical assistance to support the Government’s efforts to create a sound policy and institutional framework for the extractive industries sector. SDNRP II aims, in particular, to enable the Ministry of Mines to (a) transparently and effectively manage the process of rapid and large-scale foreign direct investment in the sector; and (b) manage the impacts and improve the sustainability of the numerous smaller mining and quarry operations in the country, many of which are unlicensed.  

A part from the other supports to the ministry of mines, SDNRPII is supporting the Mes Aynak Archeological project.

The overall objective of the support is to preserve the historical heritage at Mes Aynak site, to clean the area for the extraction of copper mine, which is a prior step and initial efforts towards extraction of Aynak copper mine.  Currently 13 International Archeologists, 34 national support team and 150 national workers are working at the site.

The Book ( Mes Aynak Archeology) is a phenomena of the entire team specially the Afghan and Tajik Archeologists, which describes the primary Archeological rummages results for  Mes Aynak Archeological sites.  Click hear to read the book (In Dari)