Work progress on resettlement process of Ayank mining area

The mining in Aynak copper project will affect residents of 5 villages and they must be relocated to a safe place. In cooperation with the Logar Governor’s Office and as per the resolution# 17 dated 1390/5/17 and resolution# 29 dated 1390/8/2 passed by the Ministerial High Council and world bank norms, a resettlement township comprising of 512 plots of residential land adjacent to the Ashab Baba township was established to resettle the inhabitants of the 5 villages. In order to provide improved living standard for the affected villagers, the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP) has planned the construction of the following infrastructural projects:

  • Two schools for both boys and girls, each with 12 classrooms
  • A mosque with capacity of 2200 prayers at one time
  • 6 bridges and 3 culverts
  • Roadside ditches
  • Potable water reservoir including two deep wells
  • Septic wells
  • Leveling of the site and demarcation of the road
  • Six plots of residential land has already been distributed to the displaced families

The above projects have been financed through the development budget of Ministry of Mines; Four of them have totally completed and were inaugurated by the former Minister of Mines and Governor of Logar at the presence of their officials. The work on other projects is underway and close to completion. The residential plots of land at the Resettlement Township are being distributed to the displaced villagers of Aynak free of cost. There are totally 512 plots of land at the township; each of which covers 400m2.

Land acquisition at the Aynak and its surrounding areas

  • The cadastral survey and the land settlement of the Aynak mining area and its surrounding villages (Wali Kelia, Adam Kelai, Sisto Tangia, Pachi, Kooz Chenarai, Bar Chenaria, and Tobagai and Qalia Sangi) have been completed with the assistance of the Cadastre department, Land Settlement Department, the Afghanistan Land Authority, Agriculture Department and Logar Governor’s Office.
  • The land acquisition process is underway in the above-mentioned villages; it has been completed in Siso Tangia and Wali Kelai villages and their compensation has also been paid.
  • Some 29167 jeribs (each jerib is equal to 2000m2) of governmental land located at the mining and its surrounding areas has been handed over to the MoMP pursuant to the decree# 4220 dated 1392/7/7 issued by the president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. They will soon be made available to MJAM Company for mining activities.
  • A bank account has been opened at the Logar branch of Milli Bank to officially transfer the compensation amount to the affected people for the loss of their properties. According to the contract, the compensation is financed by the MJAM mining company. An amount of over 70 million Afs has already been transferred the bank account for this purpose.
  • A trilateral agreement between MoMP, Logar Governors’ Office and MJAM Co. has been concluded to hand over the expropriated lands to the MJAM Co. to carry out its mining activities.

Moreover, in order to further assist the residents of these villages, MoMP and Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) and Logar Governor’s Office jointly presented a proposal # 214 dated 1390/07/06 to the Ministerial High Council, which resulted in issuance of the resolution # 29 dated 1390/08/02. The resolution authorizes the following to be carried out:

  • To distribute a plot of residential land at the size of 400m2 to each affected family free of cost
  • To pay 300,000 Afs to those, who have land title document
  • To distribute 10 jeribs of seven-grade governmental land to each affected family
  • To pay compensation for the loss of fruitful and non-fruitful trees
  • To pay compensation for the loss of the house building and its land.
  • To pay 200US$ as per the contract by the contractor to each affected family for moving their house and transportation of their household articles
  • Additionally, to meet the requirements of the project and as per the approval # 13 dated 1391/3/29, some 37 jeribs of land belonging to residents of Zahed Abad, Gumran, Qalai Anwar, Dawran Khel and Daho villages were handed over to the MJAM  following their cadastral survey and expropriation. They were classified into four categories of 1650000, 15000000, 1400000, and 600000 respectively.